About Skim

Sam Kim, a.k.a. Skim, is a half Korean, half Scotch-Irish Southern woman with a loud, infectious, scream-like laugh who knows her bourbon and hog, and can cook her ass off. Growing up in Virginia, Skim found solace in the kitchen, even in grade school. She was up early to catch “The Incredible Hulk” and “Dukes of Hazard”, cooking breakfast before anyone had joined her in Saturday morning cartoons. Throughout high school & college, she worked both front and back of the house in restaurants and bars. With a degree in advertising, Skim moved to NYC to pursue her dream career as an art director. The yes-man, boy’s club environment of advertising was a disappointment and she turned to her first love, food. Starting out in catering, Skimkim Foods has morphed into a Korean-American product line, available online and at gourmet stores. Skim also Dj’s, blogs, and mixes drinks, making for a 360˚ lifestyle brand.

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