There are many of you who will agree with me. Many of you, grimace in disgust (I will get to you later). For those of you who are not well-educated on the subject, let me enlighten you.

Kimchi is a standard side dish for any korean meal, made with various pickled vegetables, usually very spicy with tons of garlic and ginger. I can’t really liken it to any american side bc there isn’t anything on the table for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Or in a huge jar, with lid tightly screwed on, enclosed by at least 2 plastic bags, depending on if you have white folks in the house (we weren’t allowed to have it when we lived with our Grampa, couldn’t bear the “aroma”).

The basic/standard is Baechu Kimchi. Cabbage is the main ingredient. 


Next, there is Oi Kimchi, or Cucumber Kimchi. This is my FAVORITE. This is especially popular in the summer since it’s so damn refreshing.


Ggakdugi, or Daikon Kimchi, is also super crunchy and yummy.

There are also non-spicy versions. Mul Kimchi, or White Kimchi, is almost always served at restaurants as an accompanying side dish, or “Ban Chan”. It is made with daikon and very sweet and vinegary, often flecked with carrot for some color. I just cleared an entire New York City subway car last week when my Mul Kimchi container cracked a bit. It smells like heinous farts. The spicy kimchee has garlic and ginger thrown in there to somewhat disguise the stink, but this non-spicy version is straight up STANKY.

One of my favorite dishes of all time is Kimchi Jigae, or Kimchi Stew. It is simply cooked kimchi, usually with some pork &/or tofu thrown in, sometimes with some rice cakes or glass noodles and a super spicy broth. Incredible for winter doldrums or a fearsome hangover. Yummay. When I had a roommate, I would wait until he was out of town to make this at home. You never know if this will offend the person holding the other half of your rent…

(The jalepeno thrown in there is a little “fuck you” if you ask me. This stuff is hot enough, trust.)

For those of you looking to find some quality kimchi, please go to Marlow & Daughters in the Burg or Essex Street Market (Jeffrey’s Meats) for Mama O’s Kimchi. It’s amazing and full of love from Mr. Kheedim O, of The Beatards (yes, that’s me, the video ho).