FUCK 2009

FUCK 2009


This year blew. I’m gonna say it. Everyone died, got sick, got into a serious accident, lost jobs, couldn’t find a job, got shit stolen…I’m not kidding. 2009, GO FUCK YOURSELF.

2010 is gonna be way better because it could not get worse. Seriously, it’s like when a druggie hits rock bottom and there’s no where to go but up. 2009, you’re a pitiful shit of a year and I hope you die in your tremor and sweat ridden sleep, you whore.


Come ring in the refreshed coming days at Schiller’s in the LES. We’ll be Djing from 9pm-3am. For those of you who usually pull the “I don’t go out on New Year’s…”, you have no excuse. It’s a blue moon on NYE and it won’t happen again for another 19 years. So, take a shower and put on your drinkin’ shoes.