I’ve been in NYC for about 8 years. I made a pact to myself on Day One to find the best chocolate chip cookie in the city. Trust me, folks…I’ve had a LOT of them here and there. And as most of you know, I am a fucking snob when it comes to most food, especially chocolate chip cookies. I’ve been known to buy 3 different cookies in one day and only take bites of them for tasting’s sake, then throw them out. Of course, this situation would only happen if they weren’t worth eating which definitely happens more often than not. Well, some local food writers have taken it just as seriously as I and recorded their findings for posterity. Yes, there is a championship and they’ve divided these baked beauties into parts of the city. I have notes on all my experiences but I’d rather keep it less official than a blog post (that sounds so high school–maybe even middle school). Look at this Family Guy clip. I fucking love it.