FAGAT SURVEY: St. Thomas Edition

FAGAT SURVEY: St. Thomas Edition

I was on vacation in St. Thomas for the past couple of weeks so Fagat was also on break. We ate and drank a ton. And I am now officially black. Thank you so much to Jen for her hospitality and use of the Blue Donkey for our adventures! Mina took pics like she was getting paid paparazzi fees.


Eileen’s Roti Shop

  • no website
  • Smith Bay Road, Rt. 38 between Smith Bay and Red Hook Areas
  • Notes: They aren’t open late for dinner so get there before 8pm, I’d say. She has an Open/Closed sign and the solid door will be shut, instead of just the screen door. You can see the entrance from the road. If you’re heading south, Speedbumps is on your left and Eileen’s is on your right. Speedbumps is a cute as hell little outdoor bar that seats about 5. Yep. 5.
  • Hours: Whenever she damn well feels like it.
  • Pics:


Here are some other pics of eats we ravaged. We went to the food fair at Carnival one day. It was so freaking hot, we had to force ourselves to eat all the hot, ridiculously delicious food. Tons of local juices: soursop, gooseberry, and sorrel. Yummmm…