FAGAT SURVEY: Le Jardin De Berthe

As the summer comes to a close, a few of us are getting our last minute vacations out of the way before the autumn hustle takes a hold. For instance, Katie Longmyer, this month’s Fagat Survey contributor is in beautiful Lyon, France! An übermench of marketing and promoting, Katie takes brands and turns them into festive soirées with her team of party dj’s sure to make you shake your ass (Shake it fas’, according to the radio edit by Mystikal, video below pix). Come to the final Disco Boat cruise party of the year this Friday!

Le Jardin de Berthe

  • Website: NA
  • Address: 3 Rue Fleurieu, 69002 Lyon, France
  • Notes: What we ate (con’t): Salade Tariflette – melted Reblochon chese on top of of potato with one walnut and diced bacon. – this dish is named after a well known dish from the alps – its strong and heavy – designed to keep you warm and full in high altitudes. Ravioles Montagnardes – cheese ravioli with diced bacon in a cream sauce witha big slice of reblochon melted on top. This is great and affordable for a quick lunch, and a great way to get aquainted with traditional french food.  If you can’t handle anything heavy — it all basically comes in salad form, or with pasta. The regional ingredients, cheese and wine are very good and very fresh and local. They have several specials with a lunch, drink and dessert under 15 euros as well. The decour is beautiful with arched stone caverns, but the one flaw is track lighting that causes a pretty intense glare worthy of sunglasses depending on your angle. The service was a bit slow, but not bad. We brought a dog and they brought him water and had a good attitude.
  • Hours: lunch: 12-2pm, dinner: 7:15 – 10:30pm – open every day except Sunday and Holidays