Why are there only white people in this spot??? I searched the internet for some other color, but it’s only white folks in this ridiculous early 2000’s Balearic Lounge attempt to drum up business. I bet they paid for a statistical study that said that young, beautiful white people like to travel. And Koreans take numbers seriously. This spot is just as insulting as the black McDonald’s commercials. Put ’em on a basketball court and they’ll relate. Put them in a nice suit while eating grapes and they’ll relate. I hate fucking advertising (as a former art director, I can say this shit.)

Advertisers think that unless you speak directly to black people or white people (or whatever color), they aren’t hearing you.

I’m Korean, Scottish, Irish & Virginian. How can you market to ME?

I’m super sensitive to vanilla lifestyles. I like flavor. When I see 10 Indians walking down 20th street, it bugs me…6 Koreans stepping onto the N train…3 Japanese girls giggling (that makes it even worse) at a restaurant…

We all like to be comfortable. That said, if you push yourself to expand beyond where you’re comfortable, you’ll find that a lot more fits in. Bottom line, stop hangin with the people who look and act like you. You don’t learn shit if you sit and stare at yourself in a mirror (unless you’re on acid). Once you take initiative, you’ll find that McDonald’s can’t pinpoint your whereabouts because you don’t hang out at the basketball court all the time anymore. Once you stop eating grapes and wear an armpit-stained T-shirt, Korean Air won’t know where you went. Even though you still have the money to fly wherever the fuck you want…

Note: While I was writing this, my korean cousin, Chris Kim, gave me a ring and I just started laughing bc I’ve always told him to stop hanging out with so many asians. He said he was expanding his horizons. Awesome. Congrats on graduating!!!