FAGAT SURVEY: Bermuda Fish Sam

FAGAT SURVEY: Bermuda Fish Sam

This month’s Fagat Survey comes to us from Rontronik, Dj & Designer extraordinaire. Check out his music-centric blog where he regularly posts new mixes. He and his beautiful wife took a short vacation a few months ago to Bermuda. We were hanging out one night and he was bragging about how wonderfully they had eaten on the island and then produced these photos. I told him he had to do Fagat. So, here you go!

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Bermuda Fish Sammies

  • Each pic describes the where and what.

#1. Bailey’s Fish Sandwich @ Swizzle Inn

  • Website: http://www.swizzleinn.com/
  • Address: 3 Blue Hole Hill, Baileys Bay CR 04, Bermuda
  • Notes: Fixin’s — deep fried white fish
    — cheddar cheese
    — tartar sauce
    — on toast
    + spicy french fries
    + lettuce/tomato/lemon garnishspicy french fries
    In my two visits to the island i have yet to find a better fish sandwich. It’s definitely the favorite.
  • Hours: 11am-1pm

#2. Fish On A Bun @ Goombays/Clearwater Beach

  • Website: NA
  • Address: NA
  • Notes: Fixin’s — deep fried fish nuggets
    — tartar sauce
    — on a bun
    A close second to the #1 choice. and very very simple traditional fried fish sandwich. Maybe it’s the spices used in the batter?
  • Hours: NA

#3. Blackened Hog @ Pickled Onion

  • Website: http://www.thepickledonion.com/index2.html
  • Address: 53 Front St, Hamilton, Bermuda
  • Notes: Fixin’s — broiled hog fish
    — lettuce/tomato/onion
    — cajun sauce
    — on toasted roll
    Solid selection with all the fixin’s…my favorite UN-fried fish sandwich.
  • Hours: 11am-1am

#4. Light Fish Sandwich @ Swizzle Inn (see #1)

  • Notes: Fixin’s — broiled fish
    — lettuce/tomato
    — tartar sauce
    — on multi-grain toast
    + spicy french fries
    This was probably the only “low-calorie” sandwhich on the island.

#5. Jerk Fish Sandwich with Bananas and Almonds @ Hog Penny

  • Website: http://www.hogpennypub.com/index2.html
  • Address: 5 Burnaby Hill, Hamilton, Bermuda
  • Notes: Fixin’s — deep fried fish
    — jerk banana sauce with almonds
    — lettuce/tomato/onion
    — on a whole wheat bun
    + onion rings
    This wins the honor of “Most Outlandish Combination” but was not bad…
  • Hours: 11:30-1am