A funny thing happened in Richmond, VA while we were there this year for my family’s Annual Pig Roast. Remember the post about the 34 year old in the Scooby Doo suit with pix of teenage girls doing keg stands on his website? Well, some friends and I were at Kuba Kuba on Hanover when my sister was in mid-bite and she stops with eyes wide: “Oh my God, SAMANTHA. HE’S HERE. Scooby Doo Guy is here.” and then nearly spits out her food from laughing.

I look left and what do you know, that kid I was making fun of walks right up to a booth and takes a seat. I know he has no idea that he was our entertainment for a whole week, but…I still felt like I had to slink in my seat a little the rest of the meal. I definitely didn’t go to the bathroom bc I would have had to walk right by him. I woulda just busted out a handstand right in front of him or something. Or said “Rutroooo…”