We all define “ghetto” differently. Some would define Shawnee Apartments in Blacksburg, VA “ghetto” but I’d say it was just for poor people. You know, just plain ol’ Section 8. The crimes in the dark brown apartment buildings weren’t violent, just kind of embarrassing. Like the whore downstairs who didn’t get her daughter, Tiffany’s, eyes uncrossed until she was in 1st grade. Or her son, Chad, who rode around drawer-less on a bike waving his limp dick around at the basketball court. So, there were no nights spent hiding away from the windows or paying my mom’s drug dealer with food stamps…not what Coolio would call “ghetto.” Did any of y’all see his reality show? On Oxygen???About starting up a catering company????? (I did.)

I’m gonna link his site on my damn blogroll. This guy is what I call “The Truth.” This is his video recipe for “Soul Rolls” or Blasian (Black & Asian, you ignants) Egg Rolls. There isn’t any egg in it, just terribly unattractive white girls and his annoying sidekick. Check out the Fried Turkey one, too. Thanksgiving appropriate, although late. You win an autographed bell pepper if he likes your comment. Guess what. I’m registered. New goal.

Oldie but goodie. I like how they turn into various colors of unmade Jello. Be safe, sonnn!