Someone please tell me if this commercial is supposed to be a joke. I know some po-dunk agency in Ohio is really stoked about this–they’re foray into national advertising. As a former art director, we used to call these agencies, “C” Level.

A is for ambitious, mostly talented employees (hacks are everywhere) who don’t usually stay at one place for too long for fear of becoming a “lifer” or “creative differences” (i.e. hate their creative directors); awards are big deals but the creatives “could give a shit”; these places often have showers & vittles for long nights of pitches (or at least a flexible expense account to order Blue Ribbon Sushi willy nilly).

B is for folks who dream (or already have) of a family and need to be home by 7pm including their long commute; if there are after work drinks, these people never come; work is mediocre; female account execs are guidettes who dress it down with 5″ heels; conversation between creatives often includes, “I’d rather be doing pharma.”

C makes borderline SNL skit-worthy spots about cheese with asian Pat’s wearing a hoodie.